“We go hungry today so our children won’t have to tomorrow”

OWS Food Justice proudly stands in solidarity with the courageous farmworkers from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and their allies who are fasting for a future where food is produced with dignity. Please send your solidarity statements to fast@ciw-online.org

Dear Comrades,
We are writing from New York to let you know that Occupy Wall Street’s Food Justice Working Group stands in solidarity with your struggle.
Hunger is a weapon used everywhere to concentrate power, to create dependency, and to shape conditions in favor of the rich and powerful. When a company like Publix refuses to pay a fair price for the food it sells, it uses hunger for its own gain. It drives endless demand for its products, and fearful workers toil in fields even when conditions are bad and pay is low. For Publix, hunger means profit and profit means the power to demand its asking price by ignoring injustices in its supply chain.
Your fast disarms this powerful weapon, transforming hunger from an instrument of immoral coercion to a tool of moral persuasion. You are showing that you will not be silenced by a  fear of hunger. You are reminding all of us that no hunger is so great that we should tolerate injustice in the production of our food.
Thank you so much for inspiring us all with your brave action, we have no doubt that you will succeed!
In Solidarity,
OWS Food Justice 
   ——————————————————————————–Version in Creole———–
Bonjou, frè m ‘ak sè m yo!
Nou ap ekri w nan New York pou fè w konnen  ke gwoup “Ekitabilite nan Manje” ki fè pati de Okipe Wall Street ap kanpe an solidarite avèk ou!
Nou tout konnen ke grangou se yon zam ke chèf yo itlize toupatou pou esplwate pouvwa! Yo itlize grangou pou kreye on depandans nan popilasyon an e pou kreye yon sitiyasyon favorab pou gwo zotobre!
Lè yon konpayi tankou Publix refize peye yon bon pri pou tomat wap kiltive, se paske yo ap itlize grangou pou pwòp enterè yo!  Yo ap kreye yon demann pou pwodwi yo! E pandan chef Publix ap bwè kòb yo, popilasyon an ap travay nan jaden jou e nuit menm si kòb la piti e w ap soufri!  Pou Publix, GRANGOU se LAJAN li ye. E plis popilasyon an silanysye, plis Publix ap bwe kob!
Pandan wap jené, se kraze wap kraze zam grangou sa a. Wap montre yo ke krentif grangou pap fèmen bouch ou! Wap montre yo ke pa gen grangou ki telman di pou fè w aksepte enjistis sa!
Mesi anpil paske nou enspire nou tout ak aksyon brav sa a! Nou pa gen dout ke wap reyisi.
An solidarite,
OWS Food Justice
                        ———————————-Versión en Español————
 Queridos hermanos y hermanas,
Les escribimos desde Nueva York, para hacerles saber que el grupo de Food Justice de Occupy Wall Street se solidariza con su lucha.
El hambre es una herramienta que ha sido utilizada una y otra vez para concentrar el poder, crear dependencia y favorecer a los ricos y poderosos. Cuando una empresa como Publix se niega a pagar un precio justo por los alimentos que vende, está utilizando el hambre para beneficiarse: el hambre genera una demanda inagotable de sus productos, e infunde en los trabajadores agrarios el temor que los mantiene cosechando los campos a pesar de las malas condiciones y los bajos sueldos. Para Publix, el hambre rinde utilidades, y las utilidades significan el poder de obtener y definir el precio que deseen, haciendo la vista gorda a las injusticias que se cometen en los distintos eslabones de su cadena de abastecimiento. 
Con su ayuno ustedes están neutralizando está arma poderosa, y empleando el hambre ya no como un instrumento de coerción inmoral sino como una herramienta de persuasión moral. Ustedes están demostrando que no permitirán que el temor al hambre los silencie, y nos están recordando a todos, que bajo ninguna condición deben tolerarse injusticias en la producción de nuestra comida. 
Muchas gracias por inspirarnos a todos con su valiente acción. ¡No nos cabe duda de que triunfarán!
En solidaridad,
OWS Food Justice


The Coalition of Immokalee Workers is a community-based organization of immigrant farmworkers based throughout Florida fighting for respect, dignity and fair wages in the fields. In the past (almost) twenty years of its existence, they have been the producers of a plethora of successes on numerous campaigns targeting the monstruous Food and Agricultural Industry. From Anti-Slavery to Fair Food, they have made their presence noticed across the country and have established solid alliances with student, faith and community groups resulting in a strong network of solidarity.  2012 has been an exciting year thus far, with the much-anticipated signing of Trader Joe’s on the Fair Food Agreement this past February to the present Fast for Fair Food outside of the Publix headquarters in Florida.

For five days, 3/05-3/10, over fifty farmworkers and allies will be seen outside of the main entrance, sending a strong message of hunger and commitment in the continued struggle for an end to injustice.

With this Fair Food Agreement, we are leaping into a future where there is systematic changes; when workers are no longer pushed into fearful silences and where supermarkets are deconstructed to be by the people, for the people. A future, that with each triumph, can be seen clearer and brighter, over the horizon.


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